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Mosquito net are significant and it very well may be life sparing. Mosquitoes has become a hazardous bug which spreads numerous illnesses. It very well may be acknowledged whether the infection and sickness which is spread by mosquito is only an occasional malady and can be restored in some time.

However, the illness brought about by the mosquito has become dangerous. Numerous adults and newborn children have gotten affected by the mosquito. Our mosquito net organization in Chennai has been giving doorstep mosquito nets to windows everywhere throughout the city. Mosquito nets are the most ideal approach to protect the spot and individuals. It is a lot of superior to mosquito anti-agents. Mosquito anti-agents are perilous as they can make issues the well being of the individuals. It is perilous for new conceived infants and little kids. The mosquito anti-agents produces destructive vapor which goes into our body through our breathing framework and can cause parcel of issues.

New Anti-Insect Fly Bug Mosquito Door Window Curtain Net Mesh Screen Protector Velcro size-25feet

Features: The fly screen will permit natural air in while keeping out flies, wasps, honey bees and mosquitoes

It is appropriate for use on windows in the home or office with the window work,  The window net is perfect for kitchens, rooms, parlor and studios helpful for any window Easy to use,easy to dismantle and wash.

Simply bring down the Velcro from the net legitimately for cleaning; press the Velcro on the mosquito net to re-introduce

Size: 5 meter*1.5metre

Net opening’s dia.: 2mm

Color: Multicolor


  1. Cleaning the window outlines.
  2. Take the self-glue Velcro (one side for the stickers, one side for the Velcro spikes surface) stickers side stuck to the edges
  3. Press the mosquito net at the outside of the Velcro.

The United Enterprises offers top quality mosquito nets for windows at a price quote of 50Rs./sq ft.

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