Anti Pigeon Spikes Dealer in Jaipur

Polycarbonate pigeon spikes insures safety to humans from pigeons and their dropping by keeping the pigeons away from buildings. The integration of bird spikes also insures a wall of safety between society and birds.

Polycarbonate Pigeon Spikes

Integrating UUV resistant shield after using advanced injection molding process to create polycarbonate bird spikes, we offer world class Anti Pigeon Spikes Services in Jaipur. Recognized as best and top bird spike provider, The United Enterprises manufacture customized as well as fix sized bird spikes at an affordable price of Rs. 50/- per running feet. To prevent the effect of disturbing the look of your building, we also offer anti roosting transparent bird spikes that are virtually not visible. In order to prevent pigeons from landing or entering your building, these spikes can be easily glued on the building surface. The polycarbonate bird spikes are considered as most effective way of preventing pigeons without any harm as the bird droppings are very acidic which can damage stones and painted metals of your building. Moreover, these bird spikes can also be integrated easily with ACs, lights, statues, poles, building ledges & projections, and support structure. With our office located in Jaipur, we have staff of expertise that use progressive tools to integrate spikes in building without any damage. We have various bird spike offering:

  • Stainless Steel Bird Spike
  • Spike Zone Bird Spikes
  • Monkey Spikes