PVC Curtain Strips Supplier in Jaipur

Strip window curtains or strip entryways which are also called as PVC Strip Curtains, are transparent and clear entrance which prevents dust and air between two different areas. These curtain strips keep the area perceived and also protects it. PVC Curtain Strips dealer in Jaipur are available in different variations depending on the requirement like insect control, freezer, normal, welding, hostile to static and many more.

The PVC Curtain Stipes are integrated with two different parts, i.e. PVC Sheet and the trap Hardware system. There are 2 metal sections integrated with two evaluations of Stainless Steel or Powder Coated, that holds the PVC tightly. PVC Stripes Shades also considered as PVC Strip entryways, is the most used straightforward-way to isolate your work environment by keeping dust outside. Whether you have stockrooms, cold storerooms, or stacking docks, these PVC curtain strips helps in improving work process at affordable cost.

At an affordable price of Rs. 100/- per square feet, we offer PVC curtain strip services for industrial as well as personal use. The United Enterprises is considered as leading and stockiest supplier of adaptable PVC Curtain Strips in Jaipur. Our PVC strips are made according to entryway’s environment where entry is continuous and basic. The durable PVC Strips we offer can be uses at food processing, Hospitals, textiles, as room dividers and dust preventers.